ඉලක්කගත වැඩසටහන් - 2014

01. Home Based Early Childhood Care and Development Programmes

Early Childhood can be defined as the period between pre-natal stages to 5 years of age of human beings. This period can be considered as the highest significant stage of child’s development including physical, cognitive development and all other areas of development, occurs at a very rapid rate.

Within this period the experiences obtained from the home and home based environment are very important for the holistic development of the child. The parents should have a proper knowledge and understanding to form a child friendly environment at home and to plan day to day activities appropriately with the involvement of the child. Children’s Secretariat implements this programme to create awareness and understanding among the parents on the importance of early childhood and it is identified as the Home Based Early Childhood Care and Development Programme.

02. “Poshana Manpetha” Food and Nutrition Programme

The main objectives of this programme are to educate and improve the knowledge of parents and pre-school teachers on nutrition of Early Childhood children and to provide instructions on preparing healthy meal portion for Early Childhood Children.

A workshop is conducted as an exhibiting the way of preparing a nutritious healthy meal suitable for Early Childhood Children. This programme is conducted in Divisional Secretariat Level and pre-school teachers and selected parents from Divisional Secretariat Divisions are the target group.

Provision of Rs.5000.00 per Divisional Secretariat has been allocated in order to conduct 100 programmes, during 2013 and 300 programmes are proposed to conduct in 2014. A provision of Rs. 7500.00 is scheduled to provide in 2014 as Rs. 5000 is not sufficient to conduct such a programme.

03. Development of Pre-schools/ Day Care Centers Programme

The aims of this programme are to develop a “Child Friendly” pre-school system with higher standards, to upgrade infra-structure facilities in the preschools, to uplift the professionalism of pre-school teachers and to ensure the implementation of a common procedure in every pre-school in Sri Lanka.

This programme is implemented under few main areas.

04. Pre-school Development Programme

“Yahalu Mandala” Preschool model play area establishment programme, programme for distribution of educational equipment and materials for preschools, conducting “ Nena Deepani” pre-school teacher training programme are the programmes implemented under this.

Pre-school children and pre-school teachers are the identified target groups of this programme. In the year 2013, 152 “Nena Deepani” Programmes have been conducted and Rs 1.38 Million has been incurred for this programme. Pre-school teacher training programmes have been conducted in Divisional Secretariat Level.

New Programme for 2014

  1. Refurbishment and development of 25 pre-schools as model pre-schools in 25 Districts by providing 500,000 worth of provision per each pre-school ( Total provision is Rs.12,500,000)
  2. Developing 10 Model Day Care Centers with a provision of Rs.5000 per each Day Care Centre with a total allocation of Rs. 5,000,000.
  3. “Yahalu Mandala” building up 100 play areas with a cost of Rs. 100,000 per each and with a total expenditure of Rs. 10,000,000.
  4. Distribution of 300 educational equipment sets worth of Rs. 10,000 (Total allocation is Rs.3, 000,000.)
  5. Conducting 300 pre-school teacher training programmes with a cost of Rs.7500 per each programme and total allocation is Rs. 2,250,000.

Estimated Total Cost for this Programme – 2014 is Rs. 33.5 million.

Connection towards National Programmes

  1. In line with Mahinda Chinthana Way Forward Policy Framework, formulation of child friendly pre-schools in Sri Lanka with higher standards.
  2. Under the “Deyata Kirula” development programme  2014, solutions are expected to be given for the issues highlighted pertaining to the ECCD sector in the pre-school mobile service programmes conducted in Kurunegala, Kegalla and Puttalam Districts in 2013.

05. Pre-school Teacher Training Diploma Course

Objectives of this programme are to conduct One Year Pre School Teacher Training Diploma Course to fulfill professional qualifications of pre-school teachers and to ensure the quality and the standard of courses conducted by various institutes.

This One Year Pre-school teacher training Diploma Course (Sinhala Medium) is conducted on weekends at Colombo. Registrations are carried out by Children’s Secretariat and the beneficiaries of this course are Pre-school Teachers.

New Estimate for 2014

  • To conduct One Year Pre-school Teacher Training Diploma Course in Sinhala Medium (Rs.3,000,000.00)
  • To Conduct one Year Pre-school Teacher Training Diploma Course in Tamil Medium ( Northern province) – Rs. 3,000,000.00
  • To Strengthen the registration of Diploma Courses Rs.30,000.00

06. Implementation of the National Policy on Early Childhood Care and Development

         Main aim of this programme is to implement the National Policy on Early Childhood Care and Development from national level to rural level in order to ensure the protection of rights of early childhood children in Sri Lanka.

Functions such as conducting committee meetings on Early Childhood Care and Development in national, provincial and rural level are implemented under this.

        The main target groups of this policy implementation are Early Childhood Children, parents, pre-school teachers, service providers on Early Childhood Care and Development in Sri Lanka.

New Estimate for the year 2014.

Conducting National Committees  Rs. 100,000.00
Conducting Provincial Level committees Rs. 300,000.00x9  -Rs. 270,000.00
Divisional and Village Committees Rs. 2000x200  Rs. 400,000.00
Enactment of the National Policy in to Early Childhood Care and Development Act Rs. 30,000.00
Total Rs. 800,000.00

07. Capacity Development Programme for Field Officers.

The main objective of this programme is to enhance the skills of Early Childhood Care and Development Assistants, who perform duties in DS level on Early Childhood Care and Development in order to provide a professional service. Short term training programmes have been conducted for these officers through this programme.

New Programmes For 2014

  1. Conducting training workshops for ECCD Assistants (4 programmes- Rs.1.0 Million).
  2. Monitoring and Progress Review of the officers  (12 programmes, Rs. 25000.00)
  3. Programme of Exchanging Experiences among Provinces – 04 programmes ,Rs.150,000.00 per each programme and total allocation is Rs. 600,000.00

          Total Amount is Rs. 1,850,000.00

08. Model ECCD Village Programme

The main objective of this programme is to develop a selected village as a model village by educating and sensitizing villagers towards Early Childhood Care and Development, while providing various services on Early Childhood Development.

Under this programme, developing pre-schools in the village, creating children’s parks to ensure a child friendly environment in the police station, establishing children’s libraries and conducting awareness programmes for various categories of people in the village are implemented. All the people in the village will be the target group of this programme.

Estimated cost for the year 2014 is Rs. 4.0 Million.

Priority has been given to implement this programme as a solution for the identified problems in “Deyata Kirula” Mobile services programmes.

09. “Tikiri Mithuru” Media Publicity and Publications.

Actions have been taken to create awareness on Early Childhood Care and     Development through electronic and printed media. Radio and television programmes, printing papers, books and handbills are undertaken under this programme. General public of Sri Lanka is the target group of the programme.

Publicity and Media activities on Early Childhood Care and Development are expected to conduct under the recommendations of Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and “Mahinda Chinthana” Policy Framework.

The estimated cost for 2014 is Rs. 2.0 Million.

10. Introducing Early Childhood Development Standards.

In order to measure the development of pre-school children between the age of 3-5 years, Early Childhood Development Standards have been formulated by the Children’s Secretariat and the booklet including these standards will be provided to pre-school teachers in due course.

It is expected to creating awareness among pre-school teachers through a group of trained officers in provincial level and to distribute this booklet to each and every pre-school in Sri Lanka.

All the pre-school children and teachers in Sri Lanka are the target group of this programme.

Estimate for 2014

Training field officers in Provincial Level – 18 programmes x Rs.60,000 Rs.1,080,000
Introduction of standards in Divisional Level Rs.    10,000
Total Rs.2,080,000

11. Resource Centre  on Early Childhood and Development

In order to disseminate the knowledge of several groups who study about Early Childhood Development and Care, a resource center including a library has been established.

New Estimation for the year 2014 is Rs. 1.5 Million

12. “Deyata Kirula” National Exhibition

Refurbishment of infra-structure facilities of the pre-schools in relevant areas and educating general public on Early Childhood Care and Development are implemented under the “Deyata Kirula” Development Programme and Exhibition, targeting general public.

New Estimation for 2014 is Rs. 1 Million.

ඉලක්කගත වැඩසටහන් - 2014