About Us


A Sri Lankan society ensured with equality through gender mainstreaming, free from harassment and friendly to women.


Ensuring and promoting rights of Sri Lankan women, stabilizing equality, assisting and guiding for formulating legal framework for their utmost development, stimulating for their fullest implementation and monitoring and supervising their implementation.

Main Objectives

  • Receiving complaints on cases relating to Gender, investigating them and referring the related cases to responsible authorities, persons or institutions for necessary actions.
  • Referring complaints, relief's, legal aids or arbitrations related to infringements of provisions in the Cabinet approved Women's Charter to governmental, non-governmental or to any other organizations for action
  • Following up such actions, obtaining annual progress reports from the related administrative authorities and taking action to make those reports public in the country.
  • Appraising effects brought about by legal and development policies on rights/bindings of women as highlighted in the Charter.
  • Helping to realize aims of the Charter by motivating researches concerned and provide recommendations for revisions based on those researches.
  • Directing to implement matters, as felt fit by the Committee, brought to the attention of the Committee by the Hon. Minister in charge of the subject of women.

About Us