සංවර්ධන වැඩසටහන් 2014

01. Programme on Prevention of Gender Based Violence

1.1 Conducting Awareness Seminars for Officers of the Police Child and

 Women Abuses  Prevention Bureau on the Prevention of Violence Against Women.

Island-wide programmes are conducted with the support of the Department of Police for officers of the Police Child and Women Abuses Prevention Bureau on minimizing violence against women, actions to be taken as per the Domestic Violence Act and the protection of the rights of women.In particular this programme is aimed at involving the officers of the Children and Women Development Units, who represent the relevant Divisional Secretariat Division and providing an efficient service through the proper coordination of the two parties.

1.2 Programme on Gender with the Objective of Sensitizing Plantation Managers

and  other officials to Enhance the Social Protection of the Plantation Community

with Indian  Origin as per the Recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

This programme is conducted for sensitizing plantation management and the staff regarding gender based issues faced by women and with the objective of ensuring the right of women to be protected against gender based violence as highlighted by the Women’s Charter.

1.3 Conducting Programmes Targeted Specifically for Women Engaged in the

Industrial Sector  with the aim of Preventing Harassment in Work Places  

so as to Prevent  Violence Against  Women.

This includes programmes conducted in free trade zones focused on minimizing acts of harassment against women employed in the industrial sector with the objective of Eliminating Violence against Women and safeguarding the rights of women.

1.4 Conducting Mobile Programmes for Prevention of Violence Against Women

Mobile programmes are conducted to provide consultancy services for creating awareness among women with the aim of eliminating acts of gender based violence and protecting themselves against such acts and  offering legal aid.In the backdrop of prevailing complex socioeconomic environment acts of violence against women, demeaning acts on maternity, child abuses, mistreatment of children are on the increase by the day. This is a highly complicated situation which needs to be tackled immediately with the participation of all relevant sectors and finding necessary solutions through mobile programmes will be a timely forward step.

1.5 Establishing Gender Data System (e-woman programme)

The National Committee on Women has been gathering various types of data pertaining to the gender based violence over the past few years. Accordingly, the data collected by the Development Division of the Ministry and the Women’s Bureau of Sri Lanka on widows, gender related issues, women entrepreneurship as well as on gender based violence will be fed into the data system methodically and action will then be taken to analyze such data.It is expected to collect data at the district level through Child and Women Development Units and all projects to be implemented will be based on the Western Province where a high incidences of gender based violence is reported.

1.6 Programme for Prevention of Teenage Pregnancies

The aim of this programme is to prevent teenage pregnancies among the girls of the North and Eastern Provinces and the plantation community of the Indian origin. The programmes for rural community leaders and other officials were conducted at the Divisional Secretariat Division level.

1.7 Programmes Held Parallel to United Nations 16-day Programme

on the Prevention of Violence Against Women

Parallel to United Nations 16-day Activism on the prevention of all forms of abuses against women, arrangements have been made to conduct several workshops in selected areas of the country from November 25- December 10 on the elimination of teenage pregnancies, incest and prevention of human trafficking. It has also been decided to conduct the above programmes in areas inhabited by the Indian origin plantation community and in conflict affected area as per the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission.

02  Implementation of the Recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and

Reconciliation Commission- Seminar for Commissioned Officers of the

Three  Forces and Police Officers

Under the programme to implement recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, a workshop was conducted for the commissioned officers of the three forces and police officers in the Kilinochchi District with the objective of safeguarding the rights of women. The primary objective of this programme is to identify “responsibilities entrusted to officers of the defence sector in protecting the rights of children and women”. One programme was conducted at Nelum Piyasa at Iranamadu with the participation of 125 officers of the three armed forces and police from the Kilinochchi area.

03.One Year Diploma Programme for Empowerment of Women (Sinhala Medium)

A Diploma course is conducted for women community leaders free of charge with the objective of promoting women’s participation in politics by encouraging women to enter politics in order to ensure political and civil rights of women.This course is aimed at being more sensitive to the sectors that are especially close to women while promoting the empowerment and encouragement of such women in respect to those sectors, empowering and developing their leadership qualities thus creating woman leaders from the village level.17 students who followed this course were awarded certificates in the year 2011 and 23 in the year 2013. Applications to follow the course have been called for the year 2014. The Tamil Medium Diploma course targeting the Northern and Eastern community is currently being conducted for 56 women in Vavuniya.It has been decided to conduct the second stage of this course in the Batticaloa District.

04 Screening Documentary Films

This includes the producing of documentaries in Sinhala and Tamil medium on the prevention of domestic violence and violence against women with the aim of protecting the woman and the girl child from harassment within family and society and creating a happy family and screening these films for rural level community and plantation community of Indian origin.

05 Strengthening the Complaint Centre of the National  Committee on Women

The Complaint Centre accepts complaints on gender based violence and provides relief to the victimized persons. Nearly 150 complaints were received this year and the complainants were either provided with legal aid or referred to counseling and mediation as the case may be. Follow up activities too are carried out con a continuous basis. In addition 250 complaints were received by the 1938 help line for women and they are referred to appropriate institutions and followed up.

06 Media Programme

The aim of the media programme is ensuring the protection of women from gender based violence and gender equality. Measures have been taken to produce documentaries to encourage women to ensure gender equality, increase women’s participation in politics, eradicate all forms of violence and harassment against women and to show them over television channels and especially to screen them in rural areas for village communities. Broadcasting“ Kantha Probodaya” Live Radio programme in Sinhala and Tamil medium in the commercial service of Sri Lanka Radio Broadcasting Cooperation and printing hand bills with the purpose of creating awareness among public on vulnerable family units and promoting positive social attitudes. Specially to sensitize the male community towards admiring motherhood, ethnicity and social norms are the main targeted themes of this programme. A magazine named as “Wanitha Wibhawa” containing important articles is also printed and distributed quarterly by the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs

Proposed Development Programmes for 2015

  Conducting three researches on identified problems of women

  Programmes for preventing violence against women

  Programme for empowering women engaged in politics

  Forum discussions

  Media programmes

  Amendments to existing legislation

  Policy meetings

  Deyata Kirula national development programme

  Launching programmes for the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Lessons

              Learnt and Reconciliation Commissio


සංවර්ධන වැඩසටහන් 2014