Programmes implemented related to policy matter 2015

  • The 8th periodic report on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women was prepared and forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The following two activities have been conducted under the 100 day programme

Section 28- New Laws will be put in place to prevent abuse of women, abuse of Children and sexual harassment of women and measures taken to ensure that women and children can live without fear in Sri Lanka, with responsibility undertaken to enforce the laws effectively

A Technical Committee has been appointed to advise and guide the Ministry on the actions to be taken to fulfill the above.
Activities accomplished are:-

  • Conducted a Forum Discussion on Age of Consent.(issues of those between the ages of 16-18 years)

Forum Discussion on Age of Consent.
A Forum discussion was held on age of consent, on legal aspects of sexual relationship of girls between the ages 16-18 years.
This discussion was held with the participation of a group of eminent persons which focused on social, legal and health problems emerging as a result of sexual relationship with the opposite sex. An important recommendation proposed was strengthen the reproductive health education in school.

  • Information collected on legalizing marital rape as a criminal offence and forwarded the information to the Task Force on Prevention of Sexual Harassment, for further action.
  • The Women’s Commission Bill has been reviewed by a Sub Committee appointed, and Hon. Minister’s approval obtained to submit it to the Cabinet.
  • The Ministry recommendation was sent to the Ministry of Justice for the Draft Bill on amending the Abortion Law.
  • Amendments were made to shelter guidelines by the sub committee appointed. It was translated in to Sinhala and ready to be submitted to the Cabinet.
  • Requests have been made to the Ministry of Justice to increase women representation in mediation boards.
  • A memorandum was sent to Attorney General to expedite hearing of cases on GBV.

Section 30- So as to increase the participation of women in political decision making, legislation will be introduced to ensure at least 25% of women’s representation in Provincial Councils and Local Government bodies
A committee appointed to work on increasing women’s participation in politics.

  •  The recommended proposals have been submitted to the Elections Commissioner in all three languages.
  • Cabinet approval obtained for the amendments.
  • A media programmes was launched as part of advocacy for promoting women in politics.