Researches conducting by National Committee of Women

1. Research on Child Mothers

It is expected to obtain a comprehensive report on becoming girls to child mothers and recommendation of preventing such adversities. Presently, CENWOR is conducting this research and it is due to submit this research on 3rd April 2016 to National Committee on Women.

2. Research on Cyber Technology and women harassments.

A Research report on cyber harassments against women and the recommendation on legal, Social and technological disparities to reduce such harassments are expected.

This report is also conducted by CENWOR and to be submitted on 3rd April 2016.

3. Research on violence against women in plantation sector.

This research is conducted with the objectives of accessing report based on data collected 3rd April 2016 from field visits in Badulla District on violence against women and recommendation on disparities to be taken to eliminate violenceagainst women in plantation sector.

submitted on 3rd March 2016 to National Committee on Women.



Conduct Research on discrimination against women.

Action has been taken to award the following three research studies by calling for research proposals through a paper advertisement.
Research on VAW in Plantation sector Rs. Mn. 0.799
Research on Cyber crimes and VAW Rs. Mn 0.879
Research on Child mothers Rs. Mn 1.972